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MORE post-movie fic!!

GASP. The ideas keep on coming!!

It was a day of rain, the sky cast gray to the point that no light reached the ground. It was one scuffle among many; all were necessary to survive. Though in the beginning it was difficult without alchemy, he managed with guns, and soon Al learned too. By now it had become nearly a chore.

They fought in an alley. He didn't know the man, and the man didn't know him. But they were enemies, and one shot, two shots, three shots- damn, this guy was hard to bring down. The fourth shot got stuck, and Ed suddenly found himself with a pistol pointed in his face. Instinctively, he blocked the bullet with his right hand, and felt a shudder run through his arm as he felt something give.

The man screamed. Ed forgot about him for a moment as he stared at his hand and realized that the middle finger was missing. He looked down at the rain-soaked ground and spotted a piece of metal.

A flash of lightning from behind illuminated it. A roar of thunder soon followed.

Before he knew it the roar was coming out of his own throat as he grabbed the man by his coat and slammed him against the wall. He couldn't stop himself from pounding and punching and screaming, until Al had to come stop him instead.

Restrained by his brother, Ed very gradually calmed down, breathing heavily. It had been a while since he'd lost control like that, but it had gotten the job done. The man wasn't getting up again anytime soon.

Al looked over the damage. "It's just a finger. I could try fixing it if you want?"

"Back off!" Ed said roughly, pushing him away. Then at Al's hurt expression, "...Sorry."

He could live without a middle finger, Ed thought, tucking the piece of metal into his pocket. And besides, he couldn't let anyone fix it but her...


"Elysia has so many friends at school now."

"Mr. Hughes would be proud."

"Oh, I don't know. He didn't like her popular with the boys."

The two women giggled into their tea while the little girl drew rainbows on the table beside them.

"...It must be hard," Winry said quietly.

"It's not easy," Gracia nodded.

"He was a smart man for picking you."

"Thank you." More giggling.

"...And? What about your boys?"

Oh, of course it always came to that. She would never be rid of them entirely.

"It's...okay. I'm happy. As long as they're happy, you know?"

"I understand."

"Wherever they are..."

I am so renaming this after it's finished.

EDIT: Isn't it sad that this is technically my first canon EdWin-themed fanfic and yet it's like THIS...

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