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Okay, this has been annoying me for a long time. Whenever I come over to my dad's house and try to watch something, no one ever considers that I might like to see it without any distractions. For example, a few months ago, I was watching an episode of Witch Hunter Robin. It was the scene where Robin was talking with Methuselah about the origin of witches and hunters. In other words, it was pretty darn serious and important to the overall storyline. However, while I was trying to concentrate on the facts, Rachel and my dad were right beside the TV laughing and playing. I turn up the volume, but they just get louder too.
Example 2: today at my party. We're watching Spirited Away, and the "adults" are over there making a racket. Drowning out the video.
Example 3: later today, I went down to the basement to better enjoy the 5.1 stereo of the Kino's Journey dub on big screen with surround sound. Then dad, Loanny, and Rachel play pool right beside me. So here I am raising the volume and straining my ears against the droning sounds of "GO MOMMY GO!" and pool balls clacking around.
Maybe I'm just being insensitive, but it would be nice if they could respect my love for undisturbed entertainment.
Other than that, the party went rather well. People actually came. That was incredible. They all came and left at the same time, too. It seemed a bit short, though (maybe because we really didn't do much). But still, it was the best birthday I've had in a long time. The fact that I got $60 in one day isn't so bad either.
So tomorrow is Father's Day. I got my dad's gift ready, and it seems we're going to have a BBQ or something. Summer break rules.

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