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Full Metal Alchemist: Your Adventure in Amestris by crazydominodragongir
How It Begins:You're sitting in the dungeon of a castle after being kidnapped by an evil alchemist. It's almost time for you to get tortured, but the door gets flung open a few minutes early, and a figure stands there. He moves forward, brushing a few stray strands of blond hair out of his eyes, and you recognize him as Edward Elric...
You Call Ed Short:And he says that it's not HIS fault, so you try to force-feed him milk. Except, on your way to buy it, you're suddenly kidnapped by Scar!
Scar Tries to Kill You:And... uh... succeeds. But the story can't end here, so you're brought back to life as a Homunculus by a random alchemist person, and then you meet the Flame Alchemist on the hunt for the serial killer...
Roy Asks You Out:But before you can answer...
Envy Kidnaps You:And you try to kill him for interrupting your fun with Roy. Or for another reason. We will never know. As your punishment, you get thrown to a certain other Homunculus...
Gluttony Tries to Eat You:And you try to eat him back, before escaping from the Homunculus hideout and to Central HQ...
The Fuhrer Tries to Recruit You:But you tell him that you're already IN the military. Idiot.
You Have the Choice of One Bishie:You pick Greed! Greedy greedy Greed! Because... his name's cool to say! =^^=
Your Relationship Lasts:Five years.
And By the End of It:You are UNRIVALED at ALCHEMY!
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Dude. I've been RPing for over 8 hours now. Haven't done that in a while.

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