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Augh RPGs

I'm so sorry Sarah... Yeah, I think I might drop Chrono now. Not sure whether to quit Chromo entirely, since Winry has plot with both Ed and Ban...Keely, Kirsten, any ideas of where to take it?
Sorting Hat...yes, I definetly need to get active this weekend. I'll see how easy or difficult that is.
And I KNOW I don't want to drop Epithmo yet because there's still a lot I can do with Kino and DAMN it would be fun to RP with Howl.

...But I will not deny that I am seriously considering playing Winry in amurderofcrows's Simulacra RPG. This would be my stepping into a new form of RPing on a new medium and stepping out of my core group of RPers that I've been with since the past year. GAH WHAT AM I THINKING. DX

EDIT: Things to do this weekend

-Hang out with mom
-Go to the bookstore, possibly buy manga
and Perdido Street Station by China Mieville
-buy FOOD
-buy text book and Insite thingy for English class

-I heard the Anime Club will be holding a marathon all day tomorrow...
-Call/send emails to Dad, Grandma, Aunt Michelle, Uncle Brian...
-Get back into RPGs
-Install Insite

-Go to Housing Department with roommate to make things official
-wash towels and sheets
-move into new room
-upload Kino episode 3
-Do homework which I refuse to even look at yet until Sunday

...Crap, will I have any time to go to Einstein's and do some writing?

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