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James Madison was meh. The dorms were kind of icky, but the food was good. The campus was huge. I don't particularly like the idea of taking a bus just to get to my next class. And it's in a rural area...really, I'm just not the country type. It's just like the city- it's nice for a visit, but would I like to LIVE there? NO FREAKIN' WAY. Suburban is the way to go.
In other news, I've realized I just don't have time to make the Trisha costume. I'll be busy tomorrow and on Wednesday, leaving me only two days before Otakon. So, since my mom backed out of the cosplay thing at the last second, I've decided that I'll go as Izumi sensei instead.
Which is alright, I guess, except that I really think my mom fits her better. I mean, this would be me: "Ano...etto...Touka Koukan no Gensoku wa..."
And this would be my mom: "KONO BAKA DESHI DOMO!" *Thwack!*
*sigh* But still, I'm really looking forward to Otakon. It looks like FUNimation is planning a lot of FMA events for us fans! WHEE!

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