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I want to use the rest of this day to rejuvinate myself. ...I think I spelled that wrong and I don't care. Anyway, just took a short nap. For the first time I felt like I was going to fall asleep in my classes and I had to write an essay in English and not sure how it went but I got the length right.
I also want to eat dinner. Lot's of dinner. Had a bit of brunch and they were serving CHEESESTEAKS OMG but I didn't get one because I needed to study for English and the line was long... And I'm hungry NOW but it's better to go later so I don't get hungry again later tonight.
And people keep asking me to call them but I'm feeling so tired and lazy right now. :/ And I don't feel like explaining all the crap that went on yesterday over and over again.

So Jessi, if you happen to see this before I call or email you sometime tonight, did you send me the critique of Chapter...what was it, 3? If so I should check the mail room again before I move, not sure if my mailbox address is going to change or not...

...Well, I'm going to eat that apple I got from the dining hall today. Can't wait until dinner anymore.

EDIT: Mom called, she says she's coming over tomorrow. And dammit I'm crying again. >_

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