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I jinxed myself last night, didn't I?

This will be my last angsty post of the day, I promise. But I can't concentrate on anything including homework or catching up on RPs, which is painfully ironic because this was supposed to be my slow RP day, and it turned out to be anything but. So. The circumstances that led up to my capslock-heavy posts earlier:

Let's start with my first class of the day. Up to then things were going fine. La la la happy. But as it turns out Statistics class is very...mindnumbing. No need to explain any more, it's not that important, I'll probably forget all about it by next year. But it needs to be said that less than half of the class respects the professor.
After that I went to eat brunch at Regattas, which is the dining hall closest to my dorm. Unfortunately they were closed earlier than normal which meant I had to return to my dorm. And since mom thought my buying chips and cereal last week was wasteful, I had nothing else to eat but oreos, Pocky, and kuri manjuu which I was quickly running out of already. All very sweet things.
So mom, since you'll be reading this I'll just let you know right now, I can't always go to the dining hall when I need to. For one it's very unlikely that I'll ever get up early enough to catch breakfast, and dinner ends at 7:30. I go to bed a little before midnight at the earliest, which means I get hungry, every night. I NEED MORE FOOD HERE.

But back to my day. I've yet to have anything to eat that does not have large amounts of sugar in it and should be dessert instead of brunch. I settle down to check my flist and decide to look over my World History book again before my first quiz. Then I realize that the quiz covers Chapter 1 AND 2. We haven't covered Chapter 2 in class yet and I've been too busy drooling over Chapter 1 to go any further. So I have to read a whole chapter in half an hour. But by the time I get to it I'm too panicked to concentrate properly, because it would be unspeakably humiliating if I were to fail the first quiz after telling the teacher how much I love the subject.
And now I must say it pisses me off how my previous history courses went into so little depth with Ancient India, because my mind was completely blank. With Mesopotamia I didn't have that problem. It's the same way with my lack of knowledge concerning Japanese history, another thing that I'm very ashamed of.
So I get to World History with a deep feeling of dread. Luckily the quiz was fairly easy, asking only about the caste system and Suddhartha Gautama and the Harappan civilization, topics that I was already familiar with. So I think I did good, but my nerves were shot.
I go to Regattas again, and as I said to Kirsten before leaving for my quiz:

CSakuraS: I'm going to eat a whole lot at dinner because it looks like that'll be my only meal of the day.......

THEN, I find out why they closed so early. They were preparing for a themed dinner. It was a Hawaiin theme, and the place was CROWDED LIKE HELL. This was very much like turning to starving peasants and saying "Let them eat cake!" I felt like crying. I wanted to eat something of substance, not all this specialty food! I ended up with a plate of some kind of meat, rice, a bread roll, and ice cream cake (oh joy more sweet stuff). And they got rid of the salad bar. I WANT SALAD, NOT TROPICAL FRUIT!!
Aaaaand that's when I go back to the dorm still hungry to find that my roommates were decorating the door, and I start looking for stuff to decorate my corner with but I have very limited resources here... And then the issue with my suitemate's asshole friends. And I finally fall to pieces.

What a fucking stressful day. I haven't cursed so much in a long, long time. And I don't like cursing either, but sometimes it's just too appropriate.

EDIT: I think...I'm going to play Pokemon. I haven't had to take my GBA out once yet, but now is the time. Yup.

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