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Ho shit....

On Monday I'm moving into Room 246. I will no longer be in Room 248B. My new roommate will be Britanny, not Marie.


You see, Kelly and Brittany share our bathroom next door. During the past weeks Marie, Kelly, and Amanda (suitemate) have become friends and thus Kelly is always walking into our room via the bathroom door, leaving it open (which irks me because I don't want to turn my head and look into the bathroom all the time). And thus they're always together hanging out while I just sit there at my computer by myself because our interests are completely different and I have nothing to say to them other than "Could you please be quiet, I'm on the phone." I'm also a very private person who likes quiet, and don't like strange loud people (like one of my suitemates' INCREDIBLY ANNOYING AND DISRESPECTFUL guy friends tonight) coming in all the time (OR JUMPING ON MY FRIGGIN BED DKFHSKJFHSDIKJF) when I'm trying to study/read/write/watch anime/etc....

Brittany is a very nice and quiet black girl who works a lot and thus is rarely in her room. Although, supposedly she has a boyfriend who she has come over during her free time, but I'm fine with that as long as he's respectful of my space (UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE). So all in all this is a good decision. I can have more privacy and not feel so isolated and cynical all the time. Kelly doesn't have to feel uncomfortable coming to meet Marie. I don't have to share a suite. And the rooms aren't so far away that there will be any difficulties transitioning. Even the number 246 is making me feel better because my lucky number happens to be 6. Marie will be paying for my move. And frankly, I like Brittany better than Marie even though I barely know the girl.

This...will be good.

EDIT: You know, I was right before when I said you can't tell much about a person just from their name. I saw the name "Marie" and had lots of hopeful dreams of what she might be like, just because "Marie" is one of my favorite names. She turned out to be completely different- the exact kind of person I was dreading, in fact. My dreams of having a friend went crashing down. Oh college, how you've decieved me.

EDIT: Come to think of it, the Learning Community was a bad idea too. Somehow I got stuck with all these idiotic people. In an Ancient Philosophy class. Hah. Everything I thought would help just made things worse.

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