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Argh, plans.

Today I wanted to go down to the Einstein cafe and write my Nelly story. I was unable to, because it's humid as HECK outside, and just going to the dining hall for brunch made me end up feeling icky and in need of a shower. However, I am unable to take a shower because all my clothes are dirty. So then I wasted half an hour trying to figure out where the laundry room was. I finally find it, and waste an hour or so waiting for one of the washing machines to be free for use. Then I put my clothes in, and wait another half an hour for it to get done. Then I put them in the dryer, and now it's going to take another hour FGDHSGIUSHDFJSUH.

So here's what I'm going to do with the rest of my dull day:

-Go down to dinner despite feeling very icky and no doubt come back even more icky.
-Come back to get my clothes from the dryer.
-Take a shower!!
-Go to Einstein's Cafe, AT LAST, and spend a couple of hours writing and reading. By then it will probably have become dark outside. WTF, man.

EDIT: That took more time than I thought. Dinner sucked; all the good food came after I finished eating. I must have bad luck today. And I still have to fold my clothes... Maybe I'll just go to Einstein's tomorrow after the Dessert Reception...

Today SUCKS.
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