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Crossover Ideas

Here I will record plotbunnies I have for a possible Detective Conan/Fullmetal Alchemist crossover that I may never get to writing. Pairings include Haibara/Al, Shinichi/Ran, and Ed/Winry (though Winry wouldn't make an appearance herself.)

The only other crossover of this sort I've seen before is where Kaitou Kid and Hakuba Saguru get transported to Amestris via the Pandora Gem/Philosopher's Stone. I never finished reading that one fic but there were amusing moments, such as when Kid and Hakuba both had to hide in Al's armor, and Hakuba got mistaken for human!Alphonse.

But anyhoo. My fic will be quite different. This time, it's the Elric brothers who get transported to Tokyo by some odd means. Not the Gate, for I will be going by manga canon. But that doesn't matter, since I probably won't be writing this. The important thing is that they're in Tokyo, and they meet Conan and the Detective Boys. Probably when they're out on another camping trip with Prof. Agasa, because I want the Elrics to be the kids' little secret, because that'd be cute.

Of course they all go OMGWTFBBQ?? at each other, and Conan is strictly in denial of the Elrics being alchemists until Al pulls his head off and Ed transmutes Conan's glasses into a pair of fearsome-looking shades or something like that. Conan freaks out. Al is ashamed of his brother's lack of artistic taste. The Detective Boys are all OOH MAGIC YEY :D!! Agasa mourns over his invention. Haibara is amused.

More Ed and Conan interaction- eventually the Elrics learn of how Shinichi and Shiho were shrunk into their current forms, because Ed and Al have to stay at Agasa's place until they find a way to get back home. And just by observing the two it's obvious to see that they're NOT normal little kiddies. So basically, Ed now knows that Conan is actually a couple of years older than him, and yet Ed towers over the poor guy by several feet. Now here Ed gets just the BIGGEST grin you could possibly imagine, and Conan is most definetly not pleased.

Anyway, Ed and Al have to find a way home. Somehow. I dunno, but either way it ends up with Ed having to explore Tokyo looking for a portal or something. Al has to stay home, because you normally don't see a great big hulking suit of armor walking down the street in Japan. Unless you're a cosplayer. But Ed also has to wear long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and gloves to hide his automail. And at that time it's summer in Tokyo, because I say so. Japanese summers are SCORCHING hot. Heheheh, I like torturing Ed.
So Ed and Conan are walking down the street. They come across the Mouri Detective Agency on the way, and meet Ran.

Ran: "Who's this, Conan-kun, a friend from school?" ^_^

Ed: * kill...rising...*

Conan: O_O!!! *ushers Ed away*

Meanwhile, Haibara and Al are both stuck in Agasa's house (Haibara not wanting to get out because Gin might find her omg!!). The Detective Boys come over and play on top of (and inside) Al, who is distressed because he doesn't want to hurt them and he has to be careful with his blood seal. He ends up giving Ayumi piggy-back rides around the house. Haibara watches, a small smile on her face.

Later, she asks him, "You like playing with children?"

Al pauses, at first not sure how to answer this. He replies that he's technically still a kid himself, though he doesn't look like it at the moment. Then he asks the same of her.

Haibara smirks. "Myself, I find 'playing' to be more of a chore. Like you, despite the way I look I'm actually an adult. So I suppose I've outgrown the act of playing, though come to think of it I never played much when I was that age either. But still, I try."

Al goes on to ask why she never played when she was little. Haibara tells him of her dreary childhood in America and being raised by the Black Organization, and as Al is a very good, considerate listener, she goes on to explain what happened to her sister. Then she shuts up, surprised at herself for being so open with someone she barely knows.

After a moment, Al says, "I'd like to see what you looked as an adult. You must be really pretty." Honest as he is, Al says this in a very serious manner, which takes Haibara by surprise yet again. (Note: One way of catching Haibara's interest is by surprising her, in a positive way. Observe how she acts around Conan when he does that kind of thing with her. >D)

Haibara says, "Then I suppose it's unfortunate that even if I do get my original body back, I'll be killed shortly after for it. I think I prefer the way I am now; I'm not as much of a danger to others."

Now it's Al's turn to be surprised. "We're really different...I'd like nothing more than to have my own body back. Every night I dream about how it's like to feel grass, to smell the air, to taste food. But every night the memory grows dimmer, and I'm afraid one night I won't remember anymore..."

Haibara listens, silent. In the end, she whispers, "I hope you find your original body then. I'd like to see what you look like too." Then she slinks off to bed because it's late.

Ed and Conan return, unsuccessful in their quest. As Ed lies down in bed, ranting about Ran and the dozens of other people who called him short, he notices that Al is noticable quiet. Ed asks what he's thinking about. Al replies, "I was thinking about Nina."

...Slowly, Ed sits up, eyes wide. "Why?"

Al remembers about how he played with Ayumi that day, and then his talk with Haibara. "Do you remember how we wanted to help her, but couldn't? I feel like that now..." He says nothing more. Ed doesn't quite get what he's talking about, but feels sympathy. Eventually he falls asleep, and Al stays up through the night like he's always done, dreaming.


Yep, that's the first Ai/Al interaction I imagined. I still have other bunnies- one of Ed being forced to confront his feelings for Winry when Conan somehow lets slip his feelings for Ran.

Ed: "NO WAY! We're childhood friends!!!"

Conan: "So are we." #>_>;

Ed: "........NO!!!" #O___O#

Meanwhile, Al and Haibara are talking again, and Al mentions how he noticed she likes Conan. Haibara denies it, naturally. But Al says that it's obvious; he sees the same signs in his brother all the time. Haibara is rather flustered and goes off to work on the computer as a way to end the conversation. Al snickers.

End of scene.

Another bunny- Haibara reveals her suicidal side, saying she doesn't care whether she lives or dies if it keeps the people around her safe from harm. Al is opposed to this thought: "But as long as you're alive, there's always hope! As long as you're alive...I don't want to die. Brother and I made a promise, to restore each others' bodies. We both can't afford to die until that's accomplished. Isn't there something you have to do? Don't you have a reason to keep living?"

Haibara thinks about this. Of course, she has to make the cure for Conan. So he could be with Ran. But still, it's something to live for. Yay, Al shows her something positive about her life!! :D

Later on there may be a murder mystery in the story, which Conan and Ed are forced to solve TOGETHER, and Kaitou Kid may or may not show up and get his ass kicked by alchemy. Haibara and Alphonse grow closer, coming to terms with their own mistakes and losses in life, and may or may not find a way to solve each others' problems, miraculously or by the power of some brilliant plot twist. Or they may find themselves tragically separated when the Elrics return to their own world, but both of them having benefited emotionally from their short-lived yet sweet relationship.

And that's all I have for now.
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