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Music downloads, because I can.

Guess what? The Weekly Anime Theater is turning Bi-weekly. :D Because I have too many awesome anime that I feel compelled to share. SO! Will upload Emma episode 1 after World History and dinner.
But for now, here's some music:

Kino no Tabi
Opening Theme: All the Way
Ending Theme: the Beautiful World
Movie Ending Theme: Hajimari no Hi
the Beautiful World (Instrumental)

A few of my current favorite FMA songs
Kanashimi no Kizu by Nana Kitade (Odd, considering I'm not a fan of the PS2 games)
Lost Heaven by L'arc~en~ciel (Odd, considering I'm not a fan of the movie)
Tobira no Mukou he ~FULLMETAL mix (ZOMG BEST REMIX EVER. Better than the raw breath track of Kesenai Tsumi, even. I am not kidding you.)

In other news, the Statistics professor wasted 20 minutes going over a newspaper article today, and it should NOT take that long just to buy some snacks at the bookstore.

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