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  • Mon, 15:59: These manga delays are killing me. DX
  • Mon, 16:02: RT @_emnays: Shout out to every single trans and non-binary person who doesn’t wanna be like. A good role model to the world and just wants…
  • Mon, 19:34: OH MY GOD Japanese Princess Tutu fandom has been holding a fictional collaboration cafe where everyone makes their own food/art, and this one…remember when Fakir was turning into a tree 😂🤣
  • Mon, 19:39: RT @qseitanaka: 「アイスコーヒー☆カロンセット〜 わたしはあの子に悔やむことしかしてやれない〜」 です。 カロンの苦悩と悔やむ心を抽出して作った ほろ苦いけど どこか優しい味のするアイスコーヒーです。 (2時22分間に合わなかったー💦) #チュチュ架空コラ
  • Mon, 19:45: RT @nyame8: あひるの朝食プレート(食材後述) 「王子様を助けられるなら、死んでもいい」 そう願って物語を終わらせたけど、あたしは今も生きてるし、生きてるってとっても素敵な事だった。 朝ごはんは美味しいし、お日様は暖かいし、冷たい水は気持ちいい。 そして、隣にはあなた…
  • Mon, 19:51: RT @pseudopigeons: finished my rewatch of princess tutu and I would die for fakir and ahiru #princesstutu #magicalgirl
  • Mon, 19:53: RT @floorune: the one time i draw them and of course it's a meme
  • Mon, 21:58: RT @mtstmk: 猫がくつ下脱いだみたいだ😸🧦
  • Mon, 22:14: RT @gusbonito: the guy on the bbc olympic women's triathlon commentary just said "and here they come past the statue of gandum, the unicorn…
  • Mon, 22:22: RT @Eden_Eats: Lots of unvaccinated folks are saying: "What did people do before vaccines and antibiotics? Elderberries and our natural imm…
Tags: #magicalgirl, #princesstutu, #チュチュ架空コラ, twitter

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    Thu, 22:14: RT @ kibourainbou: higurashi sotsu spoilers THIS ID MAKING ME INSANE Fri, 09:08: RT @ umekoumekoyeah:…

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    Wed, 23:20: RT @ notsoevilrick: The duck was completely silent the entire ride. Didn't say a single word to me. Five stars.…

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