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Oh come on...

My roommates were just squealing about someone on the roof and they were talking about going on the roof too, and I don't know if they did or not because I was preocuppied with something on my computer, but now an RA is at our door and starts questioning us. I just wander off because I know nothing of what happened and it's none of my business and....

Woah. They got in trouble. They just got dragged off by the RA somewhere. O.O

...Such idiots. >.< Today they went to the beach even though it was SCORCHING hot and humid outside and they missed most of the Residence Hall meeting. They also skipped the mandatory Welcome Week events to sleep and go to the gym and party. I mean come on, I'm not their mother, I'm not going to tell them what to do. But they better not get ME in trouble too just because they want to act like idiots. I'm the good girl here. I follow the rules. I'm going to study and do well. I do NOT want to get in trouble the day before classes even START.

Now excuse me while I read my text books in my now EMPTY dorm room.

EDIT: Wtf, and we haven't even signed our Roommate Agreement yet.

EDIT 2: They just came back. "We got yelled at. She was mean! She was so mean!" ...*sigh*
Tags: college, wtf?

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