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  • Wed, 14:15: I bought a ticket for Heavens Feel. o.o Looks like I’m going to see a movie in a theater next month!!
  • Wed, 19:22: I took a peak at the Amazon Fresh store and there are…cash registers? o.o I’m confused. I thought the whole point/appeal was lack of cash registers?
  • Wed, 21:13: ANN’s Summer 2021 Anime Trailer Watch Party got “suspended for policy violations” mid-stream…lol…
  • Wed, 23:17: RT @mxddiemoo: If you purchased a Marimo moss ball after February of 2021 you could be unintentionally releasing one of the most devastatin…
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    Wed, 12:39: RT @ JuliusGoat: This is an argument against clothes. Wed, 18:06: RT @ SamhainNight: Covid can stay in the air for up to 16…

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    Tue, 13:02: RT @ thegabecole: this. this is why we keep telling you to stop buying Harry Potter merch and games etc. she isn’t “just” an author…

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    Mon, 14:12: *Fushi transforms into a new form* Aw yeah!!!! …Wait. Does this mean they’re dead. DDD: Mon, 16:14: RT @ BenVoytas: My wife’s…

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