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The Dungeon- continued

Hmmm, if I do one chapter a day, I might be able to finish this sometime next week...

Chapters 1-3
Chapter 4

Chapter 5: Battlefield Yellow

At breakfast, the next battle is announced. The participants- Kendo and Kate. The battlefield- Yellow. Needless to say, Kate is nervous after seeing what happened in Battlefield Blue and even more spooked because she's paired with the "mean old guy." Kendo overhears this and doesn't look pleased.

Trey, Kyle, Brian, Lyddie, and Shade go the stadium to wait. Kendo and Kate show up with three Pokeballs each. The Master appears like before, and so does the battlefield- a rocky desert canyon.

Simple enough, right? Kate is a bit relieved. BUT according to the rules of the Battlefield Yellow, every few minutes there's a huge gust of wind that can knock you off your feet unless you're holding onto something. Kate learns this the hard way when a few minutes into the battle, Venom is blown away to go SPLAT against the glass wall surrounding the field. So from the beginning Kate is down to two Pokemon. Kendo had his Sudowoodo (Manemono) out first, so when the wind came he hung onto it, and Manemono was strong and sturdy enough to resist the wind.

So then it comes down to Kate's Marill (Maria) versus Manemono. Various water attacks are used, which weakens Manemono, but then it becomes evident that Kendo's training the previous day were put to good use because his Pokemon have mastered their new Special Attacks. Manemono uses Boulder Ram, which consists of him picking up this giant boulder and swinging it at Maria at an incredible speed. Maria is knocked out.

Kate is left with only her Clefable, Moony. Kate is panicking and losing her concentration on the battle. Brian yells out a suggestion- "Use your own Special Attacks!" This gets him in trouble at once, and the twins inform him that the Master has just taken away Special Attacks from his own Pokemon for the remainder of the tournament.

But Kate takes Brian's advice and has Moony use Spirit Charm. Bright lights surround Moony and he suddenly has control over the battlefield. Kate makes him use this advantage to concentrate all the wind of the battlefield around Manemono only. As sturdy as he is, eventually Manemono is also blown away, crashing into a boulder. Moony delivers the finishing blow- Mega Punch!

Next, Kendo sends out Negi, his Farfetch'd, and instructs him to use another Special Attack, Silver Armor. Instantly Negi's feathers harden into an armor-like shield and his leek grows into a long, phallic metallic sword. At the same time, Kendo takes a wooden sword from his belt and takes a fighting stance. Negi follows him move-for-move.

Kate tells Moony to use Sing, but somehow the Silver Armor keeps it from reaching Negi. Kendo swings his wooden sword and yells the next attack: "Swords Dance!"

Moony and Kate stand in awe as Negi moves in a blinding, dazzling display of power and agility. "Slash!" Moony is cut down before he could even blink. The battle is over.

Kate falls to her knees. The battlefield disappears, Kendo draws his sword, and the Silver Armor disappears. Then the Rhydon move toward the battle platform. Kate looks up, sees them, screams. She tries to run away, but the Rhydon catch her and drag her away by force. Kendo stands watching stoically. Again, the spectators are aghast, and with a movement by the Master's arm, the Rhydon and Kate disappear like a wisp of black smoke in the sky.

"The Master declares Hiroshi Kendo the winner of battle two, round one, Battlefield Yellow."
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