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The Dungeon- continued

I've had a request to summarize the remainder of my old original Pokemon story, The Dungeon. I had written it about three years ago and dropped it, but it was still one of my best fanfics and I'm very proud of it. So! Before moving I went and dug up all my old notes, and now I've decided that I'm going to give a chapter by chapter summary of what happens after Chapter 3, because I can.

For those who haven't read it yet but are bored/curious, you can find Chapters 1-3 here.

Now actually, I had already written out a part of the 4th chapter before I dropped the story, so first of all here it is:

Chapter 4 - Silvermoor Manor

White mist clung to the grass in the gardens around Silvermoor Manor. Birds chirped and flew about in their early morning routine, though none dared to come close to the castle itself. Plants covered in dew sparkled in the sunlight. Everything was calm and serene. That is, until a gigantic explosion shook the whole castle out of its peaceful slumber.

"What the-" Brian gasped, before his face was covered in dust shaken from the ceiling.

Five Pokemon Trainers simultaneously jumped up from their beds. "What was that?" they all yelled, with the exception of a certain dark-haired girl, who simply smiled.

But why only five? Well, it would have been seven if it weren't for the fact that the two other Trainers were already awake, early as it was.

But first let's go back to the five rudely-awakened Pokemon Trainers, who were at that moment acting very cranky, and rightfully so.

"If Tammy was still here, she'd probably say 'I need my beauty sleep,' and I'd agree with her!" Kate groaned. She lurched out of her bedroom in her bathrobe, and found that the two other girls were doing the same, with the exception of a certain dark-haired girl who, instead of wearing a bathrobe, was wearing a black lacy nightgown that made her look like something out of a horror movie (which was what it was meant to do).

They heard the sound of bare feet on the carpet and a moment later, Brian and Trey, still in their pajamas, were running into their corridor. Seeing that the girls were okay, they collapsed on the floor and lay gasping.

"Did you hear that?" Trey asked, once he had gotten his breath back.

"You mean that big noise that sounded like someone blew up the moon? Yeah." Kate replied, her arms crossed.

"I take it you weren't the ones who caused it then," Brian said, and began wiping dust off of his face. That got him a few strange looks, which were quickly ignored.

"Whatever it was, I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't good news," Trey frowned. "I don't trust anything in this place anymore."

"Then why didn't you leave yesterday?" asked Brian.

"Because those two Rhydon locked me in my room!" Trey snapped.

"Okay, okay, jeez." Brian backed off, wide-eyed.

"Looks like someone's in a bad mood," Shade said slyly.

"Gasp! She talked!" Kate pointed at her, pretending to be surprised.

In reply, Shade gave her a cold, I'll-kill-you-for-that kind of glare.

Kate backed off, shuddering.

After that, the four of them go to where the explosion took place and they see that Kyle had tried to dig a hole through the big doors in the main hall with his Steelix, but some kind of force field had blocked his attack resulting in an explosion. They find Kyle lying in a pile of rubble with his Steelix unconscious and the doors still standing strong. Lefty and Righty then appear and they're all ushered to breakfast, Kyle cursing everyone out and Trey demanding the twins to explain. Lefty and Righty ignore this, of course.

At breakfast they (including Kendo this time) discuss the battle from the previous day. Many of them were impressed by Tammy and are resentful toward Kyle for destroying the air station. Trey is still upset, and he tells the group that he hasn't been able to contact the Pokemon League on his Pokedex- something is interfering with the frequency. He decides that he will spend the day looking for a phone. Lefty and Righty just tell him not to wander outside or go to the North Tower.

Kyle heads off on his own to try finding another way out, but the rest follow Trey as he explores the mansion. At one point Kendo silently goes off on his own to train in the Dungeon. The remaining party then find a library. Here Shade surprises everyone by getting excited by all the old books- "I've been looking for these for years! And this- this went out of print 50 years ago!!" ...And then she stops when she notices everyone staring and she glares at them until they go away, leaving her behind to look through the books.

So Trey, Lyddie, Brian, and Kate continue searching. They find a greenhouse, but no doors leading outside. Lyddie stays behind with her Bayleef, Sunleaf, to play among the plants. By now it's nearing the end of the day and still no phone in sight. The remaining three trainers try to go to the North Tower, but before they can get close, they're stopped by Lefty and Righty. The twins let it slip that the Master lives in the North Tower. Trey demands that he speak with him, but then those two Rhydon appear again and usher them away.

And that's the end of that chapter. The next one is more interesting, I promise. ^^;

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