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Some long overdue memes

tagged by confetti:

Choose a band/artist and answer only in song titles by that band: Maaya Sakamoto
Are you male or female: "Kingfisher Girl"
Describe yourself: "Hemisphere"
How do some people feel about you: "Okitegami"
Describe your ex: ...Don't have one o.o
Describe your current boyfriend: Also don't have one.
Describe where you want to be: "Mahiru ga yuki"
Describe what you want to be: "Purachina"
Describe how you live: "Another Grey Day in the Big Blue World"
Describe how you love: "Yakusoku wa iranai"
Share a few words of wisdom: "Sora wo miro!"

tagged by avianthropy:

List 3 things that bug you - things that others may find trivial. Then tag 6 of your friends. Only list 3 things because you may/can be tagged again.

1. People bending, spilling things on, tossing, and generally abusing brand new books/manga. Especially MY new books/manga! >_< I want them looking pretty and clean!

2. People keeping lights on when it's clearly sunny out and you could get just as much light if you open the blinds. Such a waste...

3. I always need my clothes and towels organized by size. The bigger shirts go on the bottom of the drawer, the smaller ones go at the top. I'm very meticulous about this and always exact with the sizes. Don't mess up the order!! >E

I don't feel like tagging anyone, actually. :/ Those memes were hard.

...And dammit they serve breakfast too early here ;__; I'm starving but all the food places have closed before I even wake up. And breakfast is like my favorite meal of the day. T___T

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