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How ironic is it that soon after I announce my return to the internets, the network cuts off for the entire building for the rest of the day. It just came back a while ago while I was in the middle of watching Wolf's Rain.

So anyway, the Murder Mystery at the library. It was fun. The 'mystery' itself was pretty lame and didn't take much thought; it was basically a scavenger hunt and way too easy. -__- I mean come on, you didn't have to say 'cyanide' directly in the clue, just leave a hint about the weapon being the almond cracker and we could figure it out. So it was mostly the atmosphere that was fun.
And also, all the cool people that assembled there. There were only 50 tickets given out. And just as I thought, there are only certain kinds of people who would voluntarily go to that kind of event. Dorky people. Intelligent people. Quirky people. It was so refreshing just being among them for a while, and I found out this one girl who was in my team lives on my same floor. Yay, potential friend!
Other than that, the campus at night is beautiful. Likewise in the morning when no one's walking around- I bought breakfast at the bookstore and sat on a bench reading a book this morning, everything quiet and peaceful...I find myself really glad that I picked this place after all.
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