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  • Wed, 17:51: RT @LamboLarz13: If anything, Egg is living proof that there are other creators out there who are both capable and willing to make a TV sho…
  • Wed, 21:14: RT @FUNimation: There are still some questions that need to be answered. 👀 The WONDER EGG PRIORITY special episode will be heading exclusi…
  • Thu, 01:34: RT @cho_desu: Oh, April Fools. I know a lot of people get upset by all the online tomfoolery, but I usually find at least one "announcement…
  • Thu, 09:55: RT @nycsouthpaw: The cruelest part of April Fools is seeing the great ideas whose authors think they’re a joke.
  • Thu, 10:01: RT @shotomallows: happy april fools to todoroki shoto who dyed his hair in reverse colors as a prank but nobody noticed
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