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So we've been running around fabric stores and the mall the whole day searching for a light purple short-sleeved dress, or a fabric that we can make one out of (for my cosplay). We've come back unsuccessful.
Why is it that no one sells any kind of plain clothing anymore? I mean, last Halloween we also went on a wild goose chase looking for a plain black dress for a potential witch costume. Of course, in the end I had to buy a nun costume instead. -_- And then today while skimming through L. L. Bean, I found a whole rack full of plain black dresses. WHY NOW? Now, when I don't need it, it turns up! WHY?!
Oh well. At least we managed to find a shirt/dress thing for my mom's Izumi sensei costume. We were pretty lucky in that respect. And it turns out Trisha wears light brownish sandals, and I already have a pair just like them, so I have that part done too.
One more week until Otakon! Will I be able to finish my first costume? Or will I FAIL MISERABLY? Stay tuned and find out!

...I will go watch FMA 41 now. Be prepared for a lot of fangirly squealingness.

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