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Current status: COMPLETE! (pg. 43 out of 43)

Page 1:
It's been a while, Fullmetal Shrimp!

Page 2-3:
Chapter 50: "Within the Stomach"

Page 4:
I don't want to fight with you, Shrimp...
Wha...wha...what are you talking about!!
Now and then makes two times!!
And in the basement of the 5th laboratory you called me shrimp three times!!
I won't let you say you forgot!!
...What a memory...

Page 5:
Don't provoke him, Brother!!

Page 6:
Jeez, you're hot-blooded~~
Mustang!! Lust's enemy is here!! Swallow!! Swallow!! I'll swallow him!!
He wasn't around here. Maybe he already ran away?
Besides, you aren't allowed to swallow him.
Noooo...Lust...but he's Lust's enemy...
You again, slanty eyes. ("Itome"?)
Did you come to be captured by me today?
Sorry. I just came to pick him up.

Page 7:
...Is what I'd like to say, but I'll have to kill you.
Gluttony! The Flame Colonel and the Elric Brothers are off limits but I'll let you swallow this slanty eyes.
You're hungry, aren't you? Go CHOMP starting with the head!
Got it? Again, don't swallow the brothers. Just that slanty eyes.
Ohhh? I'm beginning to see hope. It seems they can't hunt down us brothers.
Also, he's calmed Gluttony down a little.
...Which means...

Page 8:
We'll leave him to you, Ling!!

Page 9:
...bastard, no wonder he was able to cross swords with 'King Bradley'!
Thank you for your kind words.
But you...
Unlike him, you keep yourself wide open!
You got caught.

Page 10:
I see...let the meat get cut and sever the bones... (??? double check later)
I found out from our earlier fight that you won't fall for ordinary methods.
How is it? This isn't a stunt you humans can pull, is it?
Now then...want to be strangled to death?
Bitten to death?
Or do you want to be cut to pieces?
...Then I'll go for the cutting to pieces...

Page 12:
Using a petty trick like blinding me...
Because of my family I've been in danger of assassination since I was little.
I couldn't afford not to become strong and petty. ("..nara zaru wo enakatta" <--double check this)
How about it?
I told you before, if you let us capture you quietly, you'll come to no harm.
All I have to do is take back information about the Philosopher's Stone.

Page 13:
I won't be looked down upon by filthy humans!!
Don't make light of humans
Yes, I got him!!

Page 14:
Boy that's dangerous~~~
Oh yeah, his ribs can stretch...

Page 15:
Auuuuu~~ In the way~~~
I can't eat you guys~~~ I want to eat that slanty eyes over there~~~
I got you!!

Page 16:
Good job, Al!!
I've got him but now what!!
Hey, hey, don't get in my way...

Page 17:

Page 18:
Hahah! He stopped!!
Do it!! Gluttony!!
LING!! You'll get swallowed!!

Page 19:
Dammit!! There's no way I can let the sacrifice get swallowed....

Page 21:

Page 22:
I swallowed them...
Brother!! Ling!!
Brother!! Dammiiiiit!! Let them out!!
Let Brother out!!
Please let them out!!
I swallowed.

Page 23:
You're lying.....

Page 24:
It's a dirty old man's room, but it's better than that dilapidated house.
There are also rooms that my wife and kid used, but for a long time I've been a widower.
If there were lights in those rooms the neighbors will become suspicious.
You guys will be in trouble if you're traced, right?
Thank you very much...
I don't need no thanks. I just did my job as a doctor.
It'd be enough if you just get better quickly.
That's right, this is no time to be sleeping...I have to go to young master's place quickly...

Page 25:
What can you do with that body?!
My arm....
It's really not there...

Page 26:
I'll watch the IV drip.
Hurry up and sleep.
First, I'll define our enemies and allies in the Central Headquarters.

Page 27:
Set traps within my speech and from outside, increase my allies bit by bit.
For those who are neither enemy nor ally, if they learn that the country's top is a homunculus, it's reasonable to think they'll take a stand. (Needs more looking into...)
The fact that I've been in contact with Gluttony may have been leaked out to the enemy's side. Let's go discretely.
This is a gate of glory or the entrance to a den of thieves...
Wait here, First Lieutenant.
Yes sir.

Page 28:
Just in case, if something happens to me, go and escape on your own.
I don't want to.
It's an order.
I can't consent to that.
Stubborn, aren't you. Even if you can't stomach the order, you have to swallow it.
I like to say that I have an honest personality.
I'm happy that I have a subordinate who has a strong will like you.

Page 29:
I understand.
I'll definetly come back so wait.
Yes sir!
I wish you luck.
Is what I said...
But from where can I crush the Fuhrer...
From where will I lay my trap? From the Generals' class? From the Field Officers?
No, no, I still haven't confirmed that the Fuhrer is a Homunculus with my own eyes...

Page 30:
What will I do...
Hello Mustang-kun!
Are you doing well?!
Ahh, sorry, sorry!
Now I recall that you were in the hospital just the other day!
Are you still working at a time like this, General Leipun? (Or is it Reipun?)
Oh no, I was called out for an urgent meeting.

Page 31:
And what about you, you're still recovering and you're on duty at this hour?
Yes. In the afternoon I went outside to inspect the city, but it took more time than I thought...
My performance is so bad, it's embarrassing.
Gahahaha! It would be good if you get used to it little by little.
Though there seems to be people who don't think well of you in Central
I expect highly of you.
(Be sure to get at least one more person who would understand and support you.)
...Thank you very much.
At any rate, you're the man Lieutenant General Graman of the East Headquarters is anticipating. (Omg we finally learn the name of Riza's grandfather!)
You know Lieutenant General Graman well?

Page 32:
Yes. We've been together many times on the battlefield.
He's eccentric but a man of intelligence.
It's a waste that he's left smouldering in that eastern countryside...I mean, sorry! You came from the east too.
No, it really is rural.
I wanted to become familiar with a vibrant place like Central just a little faster, so I've been struggling among the country folk.
I that's why you're out inspecting the city so often.
You might say that. Include maintaining order to that...
On the occasion of these inspections I often chat with the citizens
Because sometimes there are clues to a incident hidden inside seemingly stupid rumors that run on the streets.
Really! Has there been any interesting rumors recently?
Well...there's only been rumors worthy of jokes...

Page 33:
Like how Scar was giving food to a cat
Or a human that cannot die has appeared...
Or that Fuhrer King Bradley is a Homunculus....things like that.

Page 34:
How boring, Mustang-kun.
You have no comedic sense.
No, it's not a rumor that I spread...
Well gossip like that should go well with everyone's tea. Come with me.
It's still break time for the meeting, you see. Come in.
But I shouldn't in this sort of...
Colonel Mustang has brought us an interesting story. Please hear him out.

Page 35:
Now, that joke...
What was it again?
That's right.
That the Fuhrer is a Homunculus

Page 36:
Now continue.
What's wrong, Colonel Mustang?

Page 37-38:
Is there something wrong with me being a Homunculus?
Is there a problem?
(...So that's it, Hughes...)
('The military is in danger' doesn't mean a crisis that will shake the existance of the national military...)
(It means the military itself is dangerous...!!)

Page 40:
(My right hand.....moves.)
(My left hand...can move too.)

Page 41:
(Both legs...)
(Good, good, everything's in order.)
This stinks....
(What an awful smell)
(Why am I in a place like this...)
(That's right...Ling and I were almost about to be swallowed by Gluttony...)
(.....Then we were...swallowed....)

Page 42:
(Where have I sensed this before...)
It stinks of iron...
Is this blood?!
Where is this place to begin with?!
Hey!! Is anyone here?!
What is this place...

Page 43:
This voice that echoes inside the darkness, is it going to reach someone...?!

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