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  • Wed, 16:44: RT @JennRavenna: Minari was written and directed by an American and produced by American production companies. It is an American immigratio…
  • Wed, 16:57: RT @heyjenbartel: They saw Parasite kick down that door and said oh shit, we better not let them in the house if we're going to stand a cha…
  • Wed, 18:18: Work is over!!! Christmas break begins!!! *celebrates with eggnog*
  • Wed, 22:11: RT @EugeneLeeYang: Hollywood gets picky about Korean-Americans speaking Korean on an Arkansas farm but has nothing to say about the countle…
  • Wed, 22:52: RT @kari_paul: here is the full thread for those retweeting this if you want some extra serotonin
  • Wed, 22:56: RT @TimFullerton: Weird Al Yankovic just won 2020.
  • Wed, 23:16: RT @KadokawaBunko: 『ゴーストハント4 死霊遊戯』 ”シリーズ最恐”と名高い4巻。もう勘弁して~というほど怪異に襲われることでしょう(笑)。でも大丈夫。大人気初登場キャラの安原少年があなたを救ってくれます。解説はなんと日向坂46の宮田愛萌さん。楽しい発売キャン…
  • Thu, 02:20: 『ゴーストハント4 死霊遊戯』発売記念 バディを組むなら誰がいい? キャラクター相性診断 #ゴーストハント相性診断 I got Naru yay XDD
  • Thu, 02:21: Official Ghost Hunt character compatibility quiz!!! 😍 Who would be your buddy on a case?!
  • Thu, 09:29: RT @sski0: ゴールデンカムイ3期お疲れ様でした!最初から最後まで熱くて毎週の楽しみでした。
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    Sat, 12:02: RT @ daviddoel: How is this even legal Sat, 13:01: RT @ imranzomg: [Ace Attorney character hands me a…

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    Fri, 12:17: RT @ norimin16: this looks like pokemon heartburn and pokemon shoulder sprain Fri, 12:28: RT @ shaun_vids: the main character…

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    Fri, 11:59: RT @ b09a2032c: 大中小🐶🐱🐱

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