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More Chapter 50 love <33

Ed's new short rant: "DA...RE...GA...MIJINKO ZOURIMUSHI DOCHIBI KA!!!!"

Basically, "Who is a flea-and-paramecium-sized super-shrimp?!?!?!?!"

Ah, Ed. You don't even realize that you've grown yet. XD

CSakuraS: right now I'm starting the translation for the FMA manga chapter 50 : )
Darkmoon8825: i have the first book
CSakuraS: tada~
Darkmoon8825: itsmfunny
CSakuraS: it's awesome :D
CSakuraS: Ed gets sucked into Gluttony's stomach
Darkmoon8825: he does
CSakuraS: yes, in the most recent chapter. XD
CSakuraS: I'm totally serious
Darkmoon8825: O_O whoa thats shocking
CSakuraS: YES XD

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