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Re: Chapter 50

AUGH, internet was out for most of the morning. Now I can finally start translating...after checking to see how the competition is doing.

-Adventures in Gluttony's Stomach Part 1! (Why is it that Ed finds himself in these f-ed up places all the time?)

-Envy's face expressions in this chapter were love. XD

-I like how Ling has become a major player now, Ed going out of his way to save him and all. And how Ling froze when Envy changed into Ran Fan. Actually, Ling was just awesome the whole chapter.

-Gluttony is so cute omg. O.O And...okay, so he can swallow a grenade and survive. How about the Fullmetal Alchemist, huh?????? How's that for snakes and toads?!

-Al.....oh god.....that just hurts... ;______; How he's shaking and screaming and cursing... Ed better get back soon, goddammit!!

-Now that I think about it, at least Ed got swallowed whole, you know? Or else he'd be REALLY screwed. And ewww, lying in a pool of blood. *shudder*

-Envy's upper half got swallowed. In other words, wherever his heart goes, the rest regenerates from there. We'll be seeing more of him soon, I bet.

-When I saw this, my first thought was "WTF Munich!Ed???" O_o Jeez, Ed's going to have a work out carrying Al on that thing... And Winry gets a nice view of his butt.

-Ack, Roy, you're in deep shit now. O___O So the military people know Bradley's a Homunculus? And they're okay with this...? THE MILITARY'S GONE TO HELL, LALALA~

-Riza! Awwww. I like how she's all dead serious, and Roy's all "eh, can't argue with you :/" even though he's at a higher rank. XD He seemed pretty relieved just by that.

Man, I miss Kirsten. It's more fun when we read it together. :(
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