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  • Sun, 13:29: Wow wow wow Moriarty the Patriot is good. :O Fave new show of the season. I really like this version of Moriarty...
  • Sun, 13:31: RT @rainbokuto: "at my cousin's sports day, I saw a kid running with their arms spread, and when the kid's mom said "is that arale-chan?" I…
  • Sun, 14:20: Someone make me write 😫
  • Sun, 21:39: RT @NeolithicSheep: Yeah see the problem here is that a ceasefire requires that both sides cooperate, AND THE FUCKING VIRUS IS NOT GOING TO…
  • Mon, 11:00: RT @indigogeek: My dad installed a hot tub for his birds and when he turned it on, word spread pretty quickly that this is the new bestest…
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  • In which I squee over souvenirs

    Mom's back from Japan! And I was able to drive her to the airport and pick her up by myself without any problems! It's my first time doing that, so…

  • My tweets

    Sun, 04:14: Holy shit, the Nuramago manga is getting pretty intense. D: Poor Rikuo... Sun, 05:13: Wow, Travis Willingham is doing an…

  • My tweets

    Sat, 01:39: RT @ Anime: News: Otakon to Host 2011 FMA Film Director Kazuya Murata • Event to host int'l premiere of Fullmetal Alchemist:..…

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