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  • Mon, 15:52: RT @sasuraiger: You've been watching this movie trilogy one a year for the past two years. Covid hits the week before the final chapter com…
  • Mon, 15:56: UGH, I want to watch the final Heavens Feel movie, but not enough to risk my life. :/
  • Mon, 15:59: RT @MichaelToole: i am hoping that aniplex, gkids, sentai, etc. are screening their movies in theaters because of deals they cant back out…
  • Mon, 17:15: ASK FOR GHOST HUNT
  • Mon, 18:22: RT @samstein: As Pence’s team mocks Harris for wanting a plexiglass barrier on the debate stage, worth noting that the CDC’s own guidelines…
  • Mon, 18:27: RT @FilmCritHULK: *spins roulette 2020 wheel* Reads: "... Claudia Conway openly plays the role of a modern day Deep Throat live on tik tok"
  • Tue, 00:06: Season premiere of Golden Kamuy was lots of fun. XD So good to have this show back!
  • Tue, 00:22: RT @jake_j_jung: “The super-big heavy blanket on this Belle Maison kotatsu exceeds the bounds of common sense with the sheer area it covers…
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    Mon, 14:46: RT @ Ryan_Ken_Acts: This is the part of the comic book movies that stresses me out the most Tue,…

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    Sun, 18:44: Got my hair cut today! :D I was really getting sick of long hair, so it feels good to go short again.…

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    Sun, 01:57: RT @ pat_nabong: Quarantine update. This is what it’s like outside the US. The pandemic is not over. It is getting worse in many…

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