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  • Fri, 12:48: RT @thelindsayellis: huh looks like the biggest mask you ever seen paid off
  • Fri, 13:36: RT @HackinTimSeeley: The thing to take from all of this is that the President is going to get excellent taxpayer supported healthcare to fi…
  • Fri, 13:39: RT @kibblesmith: “Tickets for the fundraiser cost up to $250,000, and many donors got private meetings with the president during the event.”
  • Fri, 14:15: RT @nycsouthpaw: Every once in a while it comes back to me that these people have control of nuclear weapons.
  • Fri, 15:12: RT @RespectableLaw: Our president is such a stupid fucking liar that a significant part of the internet is currently debating whether his a…
  • Fri, 17:30: RT @Ilhan: My statement on Trump’s COVID-19 positive diagnosis:
  • Fri, 18:38: RT @alicexz: Imagine being this criminally negligent and morally bankrupt. Oh wait I don't have to
  • Fri, 18:56: RT @ForrestBrung: There’s more cases of Covid in the White House than in all of New Zealand
  • Fri, 19:21: I WORKED OVER 10 HOURS TODAY. I AM LE TIRED. But now I have the next week off~~ 😎
  • Fri, 19:24: Mom set up her tent in the living room and now she’s thinking of putting the kotatsu in it. 😂
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    Sun, 01:57: RT @ pat_nabong: Quarantine update. This is what it’s like outside the US. The pandemic is not over. It is getting worse in many…

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    Fri, 13:34: Watching the new episode of Dynazenon…why are the subs translating ミイラ as “mirror”? O_o It means “mummy.” I mean, that’s even…

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