Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

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  • Mon, 12:21: Me: Ugh, I feel like crap, do I have the coronavirus? Me: *gets an actual decent night of sleep and feels better* Me:
  • Mon, 12:29: I had a weird stress dream that I had to play baseball with my PE class this morning. I woke up in a panic cuz I was late to the game. Breathed a sigh of relief because of course we wouldn’t be playing in a pandemic. Then I realized that, oh yeah, I’m not in school anymore.
  • Mon, 14:01: RT @AnimeNewsNet: Fruits Basket Anime Gets 'Final' Season in 2021
  • Tue, 09:21: I don’t like how cold it’s gotten suddenly. September is supposed to have pleasant temperatures. Instead it feels like winter. D:
  • Tue, 10:34: RT @tanosii_clab: 幻覚
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