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Ahhh good times

CSakuraS: lalala playing Pokemon again because my download is still at 4% >_>
CSakuraS: I so named one of my Pokemon "Raitei"
ElvisIsACajun: ....omg who di dyou name that??? XD
CSakuraS: I don't know what it's called, but it's this electric type that kinda looks like a dinosaur...
ElvisIsACajun: ....o.o
ElvisIsACajun: WEIRD
CSakuraS: eh, I don't know most of these new ones but it's fun XD
ElvisIsACajun: HooRAH :D
CSakuraS: hahaha, most of my Pokemon are named after other characters. Kino, Mario, Fawkes, Mei...
ElvisIsACajun: awwwww XDDD
ElvisIsACajun: Fawkes, now where is that from....
CSakuraS: Harry Potter :D
CSakuraS: okay, just caught a Sandshrew, what should I name it? :/
ElvisIsACajun: OoOO! Ummmm name it SHido O_O
CSakuraS: it's a girl XD;
ElvisIsACajun: Becuase he does this one great move that is a mole digging underground XDD
ElvisIsACajun: ...CRAP XD!
ElvisIsACajun: Okay! Name it....Nuriko?
ElvisIsACajun: or maybe....Natsumi O_O
CSakuraS: XDD
ElvisIsACajun: XDD!
CSakuraS: ahh what the heck, I'm naming it Shido anyway!
CSakuraS: there!
ElvisIsACajun: HOORAY :D!
CSakuraS: now Shido can fight together with Raitei and Kino :D
CSakuraS: ...*snerk* XD
ElvisIsACajun: OMG XD
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