Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Re: Emma episode 9

Oh's just so heartbreaking having to watch Emma cope with Mrs. Stowner's death alone inside an empty house while William is at a party with Elanor, blissfully ignorant and determined. SHE'S NOT GOING TO BE AROUND MUCH LONGER, IDIOT!! And he doesn't even know... And it's easy to say "Get out of there and go give her a hug RIGHT NOW!!" but it's not that easy to DO, considering who they are...damn, they can't even communicate without possibly getting in trouble. This is SAD.
And GAHHH everyone stop taunting Elanor!! T___T She's going to be SO heartbroken when she finds out! And you can't blame her for feeling that way because really, she and William would make a good match, if only he felt the same way. But he doesn't. William really needs to let her in on the picture before things get out of hand.
I'm starting to respect William more now, though. In the first episode I didn't like him much, but how he handles himself with his peers is admirable, I think, considering all the pressure that's put on him. And this episode really shows just how different his and Emma's lifestyles are. Even if they DO get together, how the hell are they going to live?!
...I hope Hakim does more in the last remaining episodes. >_> Right now he's just kinda...there.

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