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  • Sun, 14:49: RT @starpyrate: See this is WILD!!! A guy I know found this stone mask in his adoptive Dad's house. He wore it, became a vampire and is now…
  • Sun, 19:30: RT @sam_schechter: Okay I gotta set the record straight - his real name in the books is Howell Jenkins. Pendragon is a name he adopted when…
  • Sun, 23:43: RT @olivebrinker: it’s so funny how over time watching jojo just desensitizes you to how over-the-top weird it is. I saw a man absorb urine…
  • Mon, 01:09: RT @kenklippenstein: Can’t stop thinking about how stark the contrast is between the urgency of the government’s response to statues being…
  • Mon, 01:12: RT @showupforthis: If you keep having moments of "what's WRONG with me, why aren't I getting more done, why aren't I sleeping better, why a…
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