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  • Thu, 12:28: RT @LibyaLiberty: “The hair was allegedly taken forcibly at the internment camp populated by Uyghur women, who typically have long hair as…
  • Thu, 20:25: RT @ABC7News: JUST IN: @FedEx has asked the Washington @Redskins to change its name. Here is the statement: “We have communicated to the t…
  • Thu, 20:57: RT @JLBarrow: I’ve reached the “I’m tired of cooking, tired of ordering out, why is eating necessary?” stage of quarantine.
  • Fri, 00:26: RT @LossThief: It's 10 pm. Do YOU know where your adopted raccoon daughter is?
  • Fri, 00:33: RT @LossThief: Yoh Yoshinari: So I got an idea for the lead of my new show Imaishi: Hit me Yoh: So she's a naïve, adventurous girl, who's…
  • Fri, 00:38: RT @LossThief: tfw there's a character named Tai with a Taiho (which is what you call a Saiho) named Taiki and we learn about them from a T…
  • Fri, 09:37: RT @trigger_inc: Studio TRIGGER will be making a guest appearance at Anime Expo Lite's Twitch channel this weekend! Come join in and enjoy…
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