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*sigh*...One more Writer's Group meeting left. Today it was packed, but since I arrived late, I missed most of the very few readings, and plus I couldn't hear anything anyway. Honestly, why is everyone so QUIET? I could hear people talking on the other side of the room but not halfway across it.
Justine was back and I heard her talk about her family- very amusing! Victoria Lynne introduced me to this girl who is going to be a Senior at CNU! How'd she get to work at Borders when I couldn't?! And this was likely the last time I get to see Jessie in a few months. :(
Yeah, I couldn't finish Chapter 4 today, because I kept getting distracted and nervous and excited! I seriously can't believe I'm only a couple weeks away from going to college. Still haven't contacted Marie. >_>; I definetly will tomorrow!! ...I wonder why she hasn't contacted me yet.
You know, I keep wondering what she might think of me before we get to talk. I mean, just from looking at my name you may very well think I'm full Caucasian, unless you get to see my middle name as well. She might be completely different from how I imagine her to be, too. You can't tell much from just a name.
I'm also wondering if there are any FMA fans at the CNU anime club, since it's getting so popular now (they're selling T-shirts and wall scrolls at Borders now!!). And if so...I wonder if anyone reads the manga scanlations? o_o It would be weird if I'm kinda well-known before I even get there. (What got me thinking is this comment.)

In other news, tonight I've started binging on the anime known as "Emma." Yeah, I was watching that some months ago but stopped after episode 3, and now I'm determined to finish the rather short 12-episode series by tomorrow. I finished episode 8 just now, and it was teh SAD! ;__; Hakim is still love. ♥ I hear the manga keeps going from where the anime leaves off too, so there's more to enjoy after this!
But still...would you LOOK at this?! That is not a book, it is a DVD, and I love it! Seriously, this show needs to be brought to the US with a proper English dub with all the accents and everything!! I'd so buy it!!!
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