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  • Thu, 12:28: RT @BlissWallpaper: I had no intention of THIS happening when I made a joke Tedtalk tweet about 24hrs... Yet here we are. Though the real…
  • Thu, 14:02: This is the third time I’ve burned myself since the start of lockdown. D: Why am I so clumsy...
  • Thu, 15:57: A package I had shipped from Japan on April 5th via EMS finally arrived today. 😭
  • Fri, 09:24: I’ve been following this guy for years. I didn’t know him personally, but this is such a shock...
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  • My tweets

    Sun, 04:14: Holy shit, the Nuramago manga is getting pretty intense. D: Poor Rikuo... Sun, 05:13: Wow, Travis Willingham is doing an…

  • Re: FMA Brotherhood dub Episode 9

    Wow, that was probably my favorite episode of the dub so far. Winry sounds great this time. Caitlin Glass has really improved. Or she's…

  • Re: FMA Brotherhood dub Episode 3

    OMG! I can actually hear Al now!!! NEEDS MORE SPLITSCREEN "YOU SHREDDED MY PANTS >D" LOLWAT What the hell? They cut to commercial before the…

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