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I guess I should let this be known now.

I'm...not very comfortable when it comes to online declarations of love and e-proposals. The latter more so than the former. I just don't know how to react or what to say. I could think of you as my best friend but I'd still find it really difficult to say "I love you" even when I know it's completely not serious. O_o;
I dunno, maybe I'm just not much of an openly affectionate person compared to other people. It feels awkward when that happens and I feel bad trying to explain myself but not make the other person feel "unloved" so to speak...because if I talk to you often, chances are that I like you. I also feel stupid when I end up saying some lame-ass excuse like "But I'm straight! D:" and that's exactly the opposite effect you'd want, isn't it?
I find it amazing that I've opened up to the point where I toss around e-hugs a lot these days. Even though I'm not exactly used to real life hugs from friends, though they're nice. ^^; So uh...what I'm trying to say is...yeah.

Oh god I guess those 'personal space' counseling sessions really did make an impact on me when I was six...
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