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Tomorrow is Friday. Finally! Tomorrow I supposedly get to know who my roommate is going to be. I'm crossing my fingers that she's an anime fan. And if she's not, I won't be surprised. But I'll have to make it my goal to turn her into one.
Also, the Epithmo RPG starts tomorrow. YAAAY! I've decided that I'll stay up until dawn to make Kino's first post. XD *DORK* Oh yeah, Kino's roommate is Kagome from Inuyasha...I feel kinda sorry for her player. I mean, from what I know Kagome is pretty...normal. Compared with Kino, that is. It's going to be interesting... O_o
Well, that's what I think anyway. I haven't been able to get ahold of her player yet. She wasn't in the chat before either, so I'm kinda in the dark here.

Ah, but getting back to RL matters, this weekend we're going shopping for college stuff. Hopefully I can get in touch with my REAL roommate too, so we could talk about who needs to get what. So half my time will be spent outside, and the other half RPing. Because I really need to catch up on my RPing...
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