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  • Tue, 21:30: RT @NathanLerner: Dear Republicans, Next time you call climate change a hoax, please remember the 2 months you spent calling the Coronavi…
  • Wed, 00:42: RT @cottoncandaddy: my favourite consequence of the covid-19 societal lockdown is aquarium penguins roaming around freely and when this is…
  • Wed, 00:44: RT @citrustwee: make the most of ur quarantine time
  • Wed, 08:26: RT @AGeekwithaHat: The news has been pretty occupied with coronavirus lately, so you may have missed this piece of good news: As of March…
  • Wed, 10:07: RT @dansinker: Please prepare yourself mentally for this to go on much, much longer than a few weeks.
  • Wed, 10:48: RT @BriannaWu: This whole thread is terrifying but crucial. Bottom line, if we stay this course FOUR MILLION AMERICANS DIE, and 15 percen…
  • Wed, 10:50: RT @tha_rami: I honestly didn't think I'd ever see a photo that looks like this in my life.
  • Wed, 10:56: RT @GKIDSfilms: Given current circumstances & to ensure the health & safety of our attendees, PROMARE (Complete) and CHILDREN OF THE SEA ha…
  • Wed, 11:50: Working at home is so nice. 😭
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