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Shizu/Kino = CANON?!

So randomly I started reading the 8th Kino novel again, and I decided to translate the prologue, because I SWEAR, it reeks of Shizu/Kino so much. O___o (Keep in mind that chronologically, the prologue takes place AFTER the epilogue, which is a lengthy story where Kino and Shizu DO indeed meet again.)

Because this is all in dialogue and it's hard to tell who is speaking what without being able to read their speech patterns, I've made it so you can tell who's speaking. K stands for Kino, S for Shizu, H for Hermes, R for Riku, and ? when I can't tell who's talking (probably either Kino or Shizu).

Prologue [On the beach, the Beginning and End of a Journey]
-On the Beach b-

S: "Kino-san...are you going?" (1)
K: "Yes. I'm sorry I woke you up. You can still sleep. I was planning on going first as stealthily as I can, without saying anything."
H: "Like you were running away."
S: "Ahahah. ...Either way the sound of Hermes-kun's engine would have woken me up."
H: "Maybe. Kino's plans are always zuban."(2)
?: "'Faulty'?"
H: "Yeah, that's it."
K: "I've written the necessary things down. Please use what I've left behind freely. But, I've taken one third of the things with monetary value." (3)
S: "Yes, I understand. That's an appropriate portion. --Lastly, may I ask you something?"
K: "What is it?"
S: "To press a question after being helped and assisted this much.... Kino-san, do you have no thoughts of settling down and living somewhere? Surrounded by friendly people, not having to worry day after day about where you're going to sleep, it's a stable and peaceful way of life."
K: "That's so. Right now... No. Even in the future, I probably won't."
H: "For me that would be really helpful. Always traveling. Always moving. I'm using up my motorrad surname."
?: "'Luck'?" (4)
H: "Yeah, that's it."
S: "..... Isn't it....difficult?"
K: "It's not always easy."
S: "......"
K: "It's not always difficult, either."
S: "I see. There's no world where people only think the same things you do."
K: "That's so."
S: "I'll escort you there."
K: "No. Please stay."
S: "I see... Then, this must be goodbye. As for you two, do you have any greetings? ...... Apparently not."
R: "I wish you both good health."
H: "Bye. Stupid dog."
S: "Thank you for everything."
K: "Yes?"
S: "I feel like I haven't said my thanks properly yet. Thank you."
K: "Your welcome. Though various things have happened, if we still continue our travels like this--"
H: "The result is arriving."
K: "Something like that. ....'alright'?"
H: "Yeah, that's it."
S: "I see... Then, this is goodbye for the moment. Let's meet again somewhere."
K: "Let's meet again somewhere. ---But...."
S: "But?"
K: "No. Never mind. If I continue my journey, I think I'll arrive at the place you'll live someday."
S: "...At that time, I'll pray that I'll have settled down there. And I'll welcome you with my heart."
K: "Yes."

K: "It feels good to drive after a long time."
H: "I guess. By the way, Kino."
K: "Hm?"
H: "You said that, but if you met him in the future, at that time..."
K: "Right. That person--"

K:"Might be surprised to death."

Translation Notes:
(1)Note that he calls her "Kino-san" now instead of "Kino-kun" like he did in Coliseum... >)
(2)He meant to say "zusan" which means faulty/sloppy/careless.
(3)I assume this will be explained in the epilogue.
(4)Hermes said "miyouji", meaning 'surname', when he meant to say "miyouri", which is 'luck', as in he's using up his motorrad luck.

.....Oh my GOD, Kino actually said that!! O_O It's practically a promise! She's agreeing to meet him again someday...she's only done that ONCE before (to my knowledge...), to Sakura and the people in the Kind Land. (And you know what happened to them.) Which is probably why she hesitated after saying it, like it was out of her mouth before she realized it. Shizu...inviting her to stay with him?? OMFG! O____O He so has a crush on her.

EDIT: Also, I've been thinking about that last line and what it could mean. My interpretation is that Kino thinks that Shizu isn't taking her word seriously and doesn't really expect her to keep it, but indeed she is taking it he'd be surprised. Yeah. Or she could be implying that she'll kill him next time. >_> (Or you could go off on a huge tangent like my mom did and theorize whether Kino ever ages at all. ...Which she does.)

EDIT 2: Liek whoah, I just realized that this could easily be taken as a fanfic for some of the Shizu/Kino 14 Titles (#7 出発の朝 : The morning of departure and #12 ここでさよなら: Goodbye from now). O.o; But it's CANON.

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