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Reasons to see the movie:

-EdWin scene
-Alter!Scar OMG!!!
-More to come...?

....WTF IZUMI DIES???? T__T >( >.< D: XO!!

EDIT: he sent Ed in his world in the rocket. ....UHH???

Post-movie theories:

-Ed gets Zepplin'd in World War 2 and loses more limbs. D:
-Al, however, is saved by alter!Scar. :D
-Winry hooks up with Scieska and invents a new brand of automail called Fullmetal and becomes rich and famous. :O
-Roy and Riza get married and their kids learn alchemy.
-Seig, now a widower, becomes the Prime Minister of Amestris.

Now I feel slightly better.
Tags: fma

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