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What I did yesterday

I'm too lazy to type it all up so I copy-and-pasted an AIM conversation instead:

jesscat95: How's Nelly coming along?
CSakuraS: eh, I haven't done much with it since Wednesday, yesterday my mom and I went to DC to visit museums and do some sight-seeing so I didn't have time
CSakuraS: but I think it's helped me get some inspiration so I'm going to try again later today :)
jesscat95: Cool! I love D.C. Probably my favorite city in the world. Of course that's prob cuz it makes me think of home.
jesscat95: What'd you go see?
CSakuraS: the National Museum of the American Indian, the International Spy Museum, and then we went to Union Station to look around and ate dinner there
CSakuraS: yeah, DC is really beautiful, and compared to some other cities, CLEAN O_O
CSakuraS: and then we came home and mom and I watched the movie Chocolat while eating chocolate XD
jesscat95: The American Indian Museum AND the Spy Museum....ahhhh...NO FAIR! Those are the two exact places that I want to go see and can't get anyone to go with me. I'm just gonna have to get on the Metro next week and go see them myself! 8-)
jesscat95: Are they worth going to?
CSakuraS: OH yes!
jesscat95: Now you'll make me start craving Chocolate LOL
CSakuraS: we ate lunch at the cafeteria at the American Indian museum and they had different cuisines from all over the tamales and buffalo meat and fried corn and fruit pies O_O
jesscat95: interesting
jesscat95: So what was your favorite thing?
CSakuraS: as in food or just from the museums in general?
jesscat95: I meant food, but would've asked about the museums next LOL
CSakuraS: well my mom and I shared a chicken tamale with peanut butter sauce and some potato salad (the potatos were from the Andes and were purple) and fried corn, and it was all very good. :)
CSakuraS: I can't really pick out what I liked best from the museums but they were both really informative and interesting
jesscat95: I haven't had peanut butter sauce in a long time.
CSakuraS: oh, but I love the way the American Indian museum was designed, and outside they had all these plants and crops from the Americas planted, like corn and squash and tobacco and sunflowers, and there were ponds with lilies and everything!
jesscat95: sounds beautiful
CSakuraS: it was~

So yeah, yesterday was wonderful. ^_^ I think mom finally got the idea that even if we can't have one BIG vacation, we can have lots of little ones. And I got to see parts of the city that I've never seen before. (Though I still haven't seen the World War II memorial...)

And...apparently the FMA movie is coming out tomorrow? Hmmm. For some reason I can't bring myself to really care about it anymore. Instead, I found myself squeeing over this and this. In fact, I don't feel anything in regard to the movie other than a mild curiosity - I'm not nostalgic, though this may be the last we see any of the FMA anime. Because it's not really the end; we still have many more years of the manga, and it's going strong, more than ever. And to be honest I'm looking forward to the new manga chapter weeks from now more than the movie coming out in a day.

Oh, and here's a random thought: I wonder if there's any chance of the Xing characters appearing in a future PS2 game? O.o I mean, they'll run out of Mary Sue plots SOMETIME, right?
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