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In which I suck some more.

So. I didn't go to Writer's Group last week. That was not my fault. Mom suddenly decided she'd go do something else and she couldn't take me. Nevertheless I was disappointed.

Today, I also didn't go to Writer's Group. Why? Because I couldn't finish Chapter 3 and kept getting distracted, and I stayed home until 8:30 trying to finish it and I STILL couldn't finish it and I have one little part left but I'm not going. I'm not taking it. Because I'm not going to come next week to read just the last few paragraphs of an old chapter, and I'm not satisfied with what I wrote today anyway. Just no. And even if I go now I bet everyone would have finished reading and I'd rather not just sit and talk when I can be editing this chapter.
But I feel horrible because Jessie was telling me of a ballad she was writing yesterday and I wanted to read it, and now I only have three more meetings left before I go to college. THREE.

Right now I'm trying to cheer myself up with the thought that this means I can read part of Chapter 3 AND 4 if I could manage it next week, and that I'm going down to DC tomorrow to finally look at some museums.
But then I see the email from the mailing list saying they're having another Murder Mystery Party- which I've always wanted participate in- and they're doing it in October. I think I'm going to cry.
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