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What's Been Going On

Ohhh shit I'm falling behind in Chomo. >.< *guilt* And now Kirsten is creating a canon!manga!FMA RPG which I think is awesome, and I just applied for the Epithmo RPG, and and and....TOO MUCH!! I think I'm going to have to drop Squidapeely. Which is totally irresponsible of me, but nothing's going on there anyway, and I don't have time for it. I suck at being a permanent mod, that's all there is to it. I suck.
Well...I'll only announce it if anyone cares. If anyone makes a post wondering what's going on (which only one person has so far). It never got moving before it died.

In other news, I'm still feeling rather antisocial. I'm actually doing more offline things now. I'm getting better though. I've just been in a really weird last night I didn't feel like doing anything at all, so randomly I picked up my Gameboy Advance and started playing Pokemon again. I haven't played Pokemon for over three years. Naturally, I'm behind on the recent games, but I was content with just my old Japanese Sapphire version.
It was fun. ♥ I got a male Torchic which I named Fawkes (Harry Potter still on the brain >>;) and later caught a Poochyena and named it Grim (I would have named it Sirius except the Poochyena was a female). And then I caught a Shroomish which I named Kino because the Japanese name for Shroomish is Kinokoko and I didn't know its English name until I just looked it up a few hours ago. *deep breath* My dear Kino went and kicked the rock type gym leader's ass all by herself. :D Stun Spore-Leech Seed-Absorb combo hell yeah!! ♥

...When's the FMA movie coming out again? :/

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