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  • Wed, 20:41: Trying to tell mom about my trip, but I can barely breathe without coughing. D: Already starting to lose my voice...
  • Wed, 21:17: RT @GamerPres2020: We should all Pokémon GO to the polls, but we also need to Pokémon Shield ourselves from making Pokémon Snap decisions a…
  • Thu, 06:54: In the mood for English Breakfast tea and miso soup at the same time. But those flavors don’t go together! DX
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  • On adult vs teenage protagonists in anime

    So I read up a little on Fate/Stay Night, and was disappointed (though not at all surprised) to find out that the main characters are in high school.…

  • It's November 11 Day

    ;__; Reposting tribute. ...Come to think of it, next year's November 11: 11/11/11.

  • Another selling post

    Because I could use money again. :( Payments through Paypal only. Prices don't include shipping (shipping prices will depend on the item and your…

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