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I haven't been this hyped up on anything Harry Potter since the 3rd movie came out. I am on page 505 in Order of the Pheonix and later I'm going be even dorkier and rewatch Prisoner of Azkaban.
And now I'm going to make a list of things I'd like to see/know more about, other than the obvious ones like who the Half-Blood Prince is or who's going to die next.

-Some character development for Dudley. Rowling has said before that Vernon and Petunia are unchangable by now, but there's still some hope for Dudley. I'm curious about what he heard when the dementors attacked, and I'd like to see whether Dumbledore showing up would have any effect on him. There are, after all, probably only a few more chances to see the Dursleys in the books.

-I want to learn more about Harry's family. On James's side. We know that Harry's grandparents were alive when Sirius went to stay with them when he was sixteen, but do we ever hear about them again? Are they dead already? Apparently so, since it's been said that the Dursleys are the only family Harry has left (which means Lily and Petunia's parents died too?). Were they involved with the Order of the Pheonix and killed by Death Eaters? Also, since James got his Invisibility Cloak from his family, apparently they're not Muggleborn. Is James from a pureblood family...? Nearly all the pureblood families are related in some way, so maybe Harry does have a distant cousin or something and doesn't know about it? (And if so, and they're from a pureblood family, what side would they be on...?) ...But then again, this whole thing about Harry's family could just be a plot hole. :/

-More to come later.

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