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I think...I'd like to see some Al/Mei. Canon or crack, either way, it'd be cute. o.o I mean Al is always looking for a girlfriend in the omake, and Mei is so small and cute and fiesty, she's almost like a kitty he could cuddle. Omg what if he sticks her in his armor. He's already smitten with Shaomei, after all. XD
And if Mei finds herself disappointed with Ed, then there's always the taller, sweeter Elric like in her daydreams. XDD

Also, in Stray Dog, there are creatures known as "Gunyouken" which are literally "Military Use Dogs." They're basically like chimeras in FMA, a mix between humans and dogs created for the military and used as pets. (Arakawa once again demonstrating her love for dogs here.)
What I'm wondering is if I should use the term "Military Use Dogs" in the translation or just keep it as is with "Gunyouken"? :/ Which sounds more awkward...?

EDIT: Speaking of FMA and Stray Dog...

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