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HAHAHA it's that time of the month again and we may actually have a chance!!! >D

Page 2:
What did this thing do....?!

Page 3:
Title- The Monster Within

Page 4:
..."Pride," hmm?
I hear you let Scar get away.
Yes. On top of that, it seems Gluttony's been captured by someone.
What did you say?!

Page 5:
What is wrong?
If you do not work properly we will be in trouble.
They've been walking all over us recently.
Your hand is soft, it's very unlike you.
Yes, you're right.
...You seem happy.
I won't deny it.
It's a little...
That our plans are continuously being opposed?
For that reason.

Page 6:
60 years ago...
Immediately after I was born I was placed on the rail known as "King Bradley."
And now here I am sitting on the top of this country according to Father's plans.
There was nothing to hinder us...
Ina. Father ga haijo shita. (??? Look over more later.)
A scenario according to his plans was made ready for me and I have come to live that way.
And yet now that you're here there is something that might cause you to fall off the rails...?
Colonel Mustang and the Elric Brothers and those that came from the outside country...
We are being messed around with freely by such young ones. Cunning as we are.
Is there something you want to say?

Page 7:
The era of the youth may already be upon us.
You've been in contact with humans for too long.
That may be so.
Please do not forget.
That we are beings that are known as "monsters" to them.
I know.
...I shall not report your previous speech that can be taken as treason to Father. (Pride talks really formally so trying to get that into here...)
Hahaha. That's helpful.

Page 8:
And? What shall we do with Gluttony?
Hm. From the info gathered by the officers I've generally figured out where Gluttony is.
He was taken away by First Lieutenant Hawkeye.
In addition to that Colonel Mustang has been out to inspect the city since noon and seems to have not returned.
Here's dinner.

Page 9:
Huh? You haven't touched it again?
That's no good, you're a candidate for our human sacrifice so we need you to keep your energy.
...I was thinking of many things.
...What do you mean by human sacrifice?
What are you planning to make me do?
That's a secret <3 (Omg Envy = Xellos???)
If you stay good and obey us you'll be able to see something interesting soon.
Something interesting you say....?

Page 10:
You're involving a large quantity of this country's people to make a gigantic Philosopher's Stone...!! ("no ni" at the end = "even though" or "and"?)
What you're doing right now is to make a giant transmutation circle using all of this country...
Isn't that transmutation circle...
going to used to make the Philosopher's Stone?
And the next to see blood is...
the North!

Page 11:
Ha! Close!
You're heading in the right direction.
Right direction?
Right. The North is next.
And? Now that you know, what can be done by you now?
You who's done nothing up to now!!
Threatened that "if you do anything unnecessary I'll erase this town"...
Knowing that the people of this country may fall to crisis you did nothing, did you?

Page 12:
Even though when you compare your options it's so easy!
Even though if you balance this country's population and the population of that town where you were being a doctor, it's so clear which is bigger!
Even though if you'd abandoned that tiny town you might have been able to save a much greater number of people!
...People's lives are not addition or subtraction!!
Ha! Hahahahaha!
That's riiight! That's what you "humans" are!
A man I killed before was like that too.

Page 13:
When I took the form of his wife he couldn't move his hand and lost a critical card.
They're so easy to take advantage of, it's really helpful.
What are you gossiping about, Envy?
Fuhrer Bradley...!!

Page 14:
It's been long hasn't it, Marco?
You seem to be doing well.
Gluttony has been captured by Mustang's group.
Hey hey what are you doing! Didn't you say you'd take responsibility for the Flame Colonel?! And Pride was supposed to be with you there!
He/she/it wasn't at the scene when Gluttony was captured.
Bastard...!!! He/she/it's made it a habit of only coming out at unnecessary times!! (Oh shit, this is difficult since we don't know the gender for Pride yet... o_o)
Now that Gluttony's been taken away we have a general objective. Would you go meet up with him?
...really can't be helped.

Page 15:
It'd be good if he's not running wild. ("I hope he's not running wild" sounds better but isn't as literal...hmmm...)
...What is this.
(gasp) Colonel!!

Page 16:
Now just what happened...
Stop First Lieutenant!!
Where are you, Col...!!

Page 17:
Don't provoke him, First Lieutenant!!
His target is me!!

Page 18:
Ran Fan!!
What has happened?
We're getting away from here!
The monster...
was keeping a monster inside his stomach.

Page 19:
He's swallowed everything around him in one gulp!!
So it creates a monster like this too...
Too bad.
I'll have to defeat it.'s a homunculus we finally captured!!
To survive is priority.
And it's remembered our faces and names.

Page 20:
There's no reason to let him get away alive!!

Page 21:
He drank...
the flames?

Page 22:
We can't use you!! (Hahaha Roy is useless again.)
Then you try something!!
More than that, stop following me!! He's targeting you!!
Take cover in the forest!!
Spread out!!

Page 23:

Page 24:
Hurry it up, boy!!
We're going to run away!!
If we take her to the city I can treat her a little better!
We're getting out of here quickly!
This is no joke! I'm just an ordinary person!
There's no way I'm going to die getting caught up in a crazy fight like this!!
Where are you Roy Mustang!!

Page 25:
I'll erase you!!
Roy Mustang!!

Page 26:
Did he get caught on our dummy?
I hope his rage doesn't turn our way...
Hurry up!!

Page 27:
Hurry up and get on and go back, useless!!
(Tiny speech bubbles: Something something, take care of Ran Fan)
Are you telling me to leave without a care in this situation?!
You're a hindrance!!
Seriously, you're not being useful, Colonel!
(Useless...use...incompetent...?) (HAHAHA "MUNOU!")
...Really, this stupid Colonel.
You do your work. The top of the military being a homunculus isn't a problem you can just leave alone, right?

Page 28:
There's no time to be talking forever!!
You guys get on quickly too!!
It's all full.
Just go.
You idiot!!
There's no way we can go leaving children alone on the battlefield!!
You people...I'm not too clear on the details, but you're aiming for something bigger than a homunculus or the Philosopher's Stone, right?
Is the opponent you're fighting different than what's known by the military? (Not sure if this is correct, recheck "gunjousoubu" later.)

Page 29:
We have to get information from that thing called Gluttony no matter what.
We'll stay here and fight with him.
Us being children has nothing to do with this.
We're the ones who came up with the plan this time.
We have to clean up after our own mess.
Thanks for lending a hand up to here.

Page 30:
Take this with you.
You know how to use it right?
...a tool that kills people.
It's a tool that protects your lives.

Page 31:
(Your hands are not those that kill people.)
(Don't die, alright?)
I'll borrow it.
Please take care of Ran Fan!
Young master...

Page 32:
Young master!!
Let's go. Doctor Nox.
...those brats...just went ahead and left!!
Those are the kinds who die early!!
The Fuhrer is a homunculus?!
There's a possibility of that.
Though I cannot say for sure until I see with my own eyes...

Page 33:
So the one who ordered the annihilation of Ishbal may be a homunculus?
If there were more homunculi who are pretending to be human and living around us...
That's troublesome.
Heh! More like creepy rather than troublesome!
Where is Roy Mustang!!
How dare you kill Lust!!

Page 34:
...I said we'd fight but it's scary as hell...!!
His manner of speech has changed...
How do we catch it?
If only it could at least return to it's previous calmer form...
Won't he calm down if he sucks the Colonel into his stomach?
That's a good idea, Ling.
Just where is the mass he sucks up going anyway?!
How would I know!! Aren't homunculi a part of alchemy?! (Recheck "bunya.")
Ahhh jeez we're getting nowhere!!

Page 35:
What's wro...
A horse...?
Stop, Gluttony.

Page 36:
It talked?!
You're from before...!!

Page 37:
It's been a while, Fullmetal Pipsqueak!
(Transformation at will. Envy appears!!)

OMG these SO need to be looked over some more!!!

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