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reflection on writing and other things

OMG I love my Creative Writing class so much. Especially my teacher. I can't remember the last time I laughed myself to tears- LITERALLY. There I sat, embarassed and looking for a tissue, but still laughing so much it hurt... I'd like to describe it, but no description or explanation can do justice to the utter hilarity and randomness that I've experienced in that classroom.
It's just...omg, we had a long discussion about eastern and western philosophy, in which I got to describe Plato's Allegory of the Cave (I'm proud of that, because since all of my classmates are adults, most of the time I'm completely lost whenever they refer to things- I guess AP class is pretty darn useful), then we talked about dreams, and absurd literature...this is such an intellectual exercise; I always leave giggling and totally inspired.
Now I'm starting to consider taking the Fall term. It'll be hard, with school and all, but I know it must be worth it. I've learned tons of stuff already, and I'd hate to miss more. We only have two more classes left. The poem I submitted is in the packet we'll go over next class, and I think/hope the chapter I submitted is going to be in the last packet. Can't wait for the feedback, good or bad.
For our final exam, we have to send a letter to a publisher or agent promoting our writing, which makes me really nervous. I always thought that it'd be better if I at least reach the middle of my book before even considering sending a query letter, but I guess it is a good learning experience for me to get my first rejection.
But after thinking it over a little, I think I'll send my Nelly story instead of my book, because I have more confidence in that. I know I only started it a week ago, and came up with the idea just last month, but the first three chapters of that story are much stronger and attention-grabbing than of my book. It would be easier for me to have that as a first novel (if it were to be published), and THEN finish my book, especially since the Nelly story is smaller and less complicated. Because seriously, the Kristor book is going to take me YEARS to finish, and the first few chapters of that aren't at all up to par with the work I'm doing right now (and I'm the sort of person who just can't rewrite stuff I finished three years ago- I don't know how Tolkien did it, but if it's on the page...).
In other news, we lost half an hour of class today because of a fire alarm. I never imagined being in that sort of situation at a community college. It just felt so...elementary. I guess in some corner of my mind, I'd always pictured places like that to be above normal school activity, just because it's a school for adults. Does this mean that I have the mentality of a child? (Yes, it does.)

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