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Stuff to read this week:
-Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix (shame on me, I've only read it once and that was the week it first came out! O_o;)
-Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (once it comes out; I'll probably be staying up all night again XD)

Stuff to translate this week:
-"Gindokei" (STFU yes it's long overdue!!)
-FMA Chapter 49 (the OMGWTFBBQ group can win this time, but we're still going to scanlate it. :/ I can take my time on this one but I still have to have it done by Friday...) (WHAT THE HELLS we have a chance!!!)
-Stray Dog (Arakawa's debut manga, oh yes. >D Doesn't have to be finished this week, but I'm still looking forward to it.)
-Conan manga!!! :D (Since it seems no one's scanlated some files from Volumes 11-13, we decided to pick it up as a side project. ^__^ It'll probably take a while though, since I also have to scan the pages...)

Stuff to write this week:
-Second half of Chapter 3. (I decided that if I write half a chapter every week and read each half at Writer's Group, then I'll be up to Chapter 5 by the time I move to college...)

So yay, I have tons of stuff to occupy me.

Oh yeah, I found the 8th Conan movie at Naniwa today and decided not to rent it. :/ I mean I've already read the summary, and even though Kaitou Kid is in it, the idea of Ran and Sonoko landing a plane is just ridiculous...I like to laugh at the impossible movie stunts but that's TOO MUCH. ...So this is the first Conan movie that I'm not watching. O.O

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