Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

So many topics, so hard to choose a mood...

Did anyone refer someone named Parth to me? I got an IM asking me for help on his short story but I was away at Writer's Group and by the time I came back he was gone... O_o

Speaking of which, I read the beginning of Chapter 3 tonight. I need to work on it more grrr, there's still a lot more to reveal in that chapter. I hope Ron comes next week so I could show him how much 'conflict' this story really has.

I also bought Chrono Crusade manga squee~~ It's looking like this may be my new fandom. ♥

And jeez, my wank post from yesterday seemed to be a success. XD; It was interesting to see everyone's different opinions!

...Now mom's trying to convince me to go to Montana for one week. >/ You know what? Fine. It's her money! But I don't have many weekends left and I still have a lot to do without wasting time in Montana.

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