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I think I've got my mom hooked on Full Metal Alchemist now.
She stayed home from work today, because she's been coughing and hacking and feeling miserable the whole weekend. So she was in her room, and I was in the computer room, rewatching episode 39 and 40 of FMA (OMG AL!). She heard me, because she asked about it later in the day, and said, "So aren't you going to show me any more?"
I didn't have to force her this time! And I kept on asking her whether she wanted to stop after every episode, and she said "one more" each time. We marathoned 6 episodes, all the way to 40. XD
This is great. Since she dislikes Kino's Journey so much, it's nice to have an anime that we can both watch together now, other than Detective Conan. The last time my mom got so hooked, it was for Hikaru no Go. Everyday, she kept nagging me, "Did you get the next episode yet?" It was great.
Of course, since the ending of the manga sucked so much, she seems to be really bitter with that series now. She complains about it even if I barely mention Sai. Sure, I was upset about it too, but I still enjoy the series. Gave me lot's of fond memories, at least...
So YAY. Now we can have quality mother and daughter anime time. ^^ *celibrates by going to watch Detective Conan/Case Closed.

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